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Sarah Bailey

Sarah Bailey is an emerging Music Artist with a background in audio engineering. She started singing and writing songs at a very young age and finding any way to record them. She started uploading YouTube videos and singing covers that she engineered herself. She started her official music career with the release of her first single, "Reckless" in July 2018. Sarah continued to work on her craft until completely making the switch of writing, producing, and engineering all of her own music herself. After landing the role of 'Resident Rocker' at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Sarah experienced the industry at a whole new, heightened level, gaining incredible experiences performing and invaluable connections, such as performing at Cleveland's premiere festival, Wonderstruck. Sarah puts out music on a regular basis that manages to thrill and delight fans—both old and new -  with different melodies, musical styles, and emotional lyrical journeys.

Sarah gained some worldwide exposure in December 2020 after getting a message from her biggest inspiration of all time, Taylor Swift, after she saw Bailey's holiday light display to Swift's song "Christmas Tree Farm". Her family takes donations every holiday season to give to the local food bank, and Taylor Swift made a donation herself. Sarah appeared to explain the story on publications such as People Magazine, Entertainment Tonight, Billboard, and several local/national news stations. 

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